Inshell hazelnuts are from varieties grown from Corylus avellana L. And Corylus maxima mill and their hybrids without involucre or husk and which are intended for direct consumption.According to their shapes inshell hazelnut are named such as: Tonbul (round) Badem (almond), Palaz, Fosa, Mincane, Cakildak Sivri etc. They are consumed as kernels or nuts cracked and salted 
The hazelnut kernel is produced by cracking and moving the hard shell of fruit and it is Corylus avellana L. And Corylus maxima mill type. Tehy are clasified as Ordu (levant), Giresun and Akçakoca.The hazelnut kernel is produced in different sizes and exported in natural,processed, sliced, meal or paste forms depending on the demands of the customers. It is one of the main raw,materials of cream,chocolate and confectionary industry
This is the products that is obtained by roasting hazelnut seeds, It can be prepared in slightly, medium or over roasted that is used in chocolate industry and as a snack
Blanched hazelnut is obtained by separating hazelnut from the skin and partly whitening them. It is used in chocolate industry and salty hazelnut production
This is the product that is obtained by grinding natural or roasted hazelnut seeds with proper techniques. It is used in making pastries, biscuits and ice cream

This is the product that is optained by slicing the hazelnut seeds in laminated with proper techniques. it is used in making pastries
  It is a special product which is serviced you from inconporable natural beauty and fertile lands of Black Sea. I is consists different pleasures inside and we produce it completely in natural. It is consumed directly as fruit or juice or on the cake as a different pleasure.
Indispensable pleasure at our tables.It is the unique products which with includes 25% hazelnut in Turkey as well as World. Furthermore, we produce with 15% hazelnut composition and any other hazelnut composition according to customers requested in plastic and glass cups It is a viscose semi product obtained by crushing roasted hazelnut seeds with proper techniques and used in making crushed hazelnut.It is used in making ice cream and chocolate.